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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 28 Sep 2018

2 Stans: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

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from US$ 1325 per person
Payment in USD or Uzbek soum (UZS)
tour price conditions:

two persons traveling, specific BnB or 2-3* private hotels with breakfast, one double room shared. Tour services shall begin in the morning of Day 1 and be completed at the end of Day 16
* Visa support if needed
* Hotel room with breakfast
* Transfers between cities and transport for all excursions from Day 1 to Day 16
* Intl. and/or local flights
* Accompanying tour guide
* Entrance tickets to museums and monuments, tour guide services
* Meals other than breakfast at hotels
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Tour description

In this ambitious tour you will see two biggest countries of Central Asia - Kazakhstan, known for its nomadic culture and spectacular natural landscapes, and Uzbekistan - the cradle of ancient civilizations, with its world-known cities Samarkand and Bukhara.
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Tour Details

Duration: 16 days
Customizable? NO
Category: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Archaeology, History, Islamic Heritage, Culture and Traditions, Gastronomic, Folklore and Ethnic, Handcrafts and Folk Art, Shopping, Night Life, Outdoor Activities, Ecotourism, Camping and Trekking, Classic
Best season:October, April, May, June, July, August, September
Day 1

Arrival in Almaty, excursion

City tour: Zenkova cathedral and St. Voznesensky cathedral, Memorial of Independence, Green bazaar. In the afternoon by cable car to Kok-Tobe, dinner there. Overnight in Almaty.

Visits to: Park of 28 Panfilov's Men, Kok Tobe Tower and Entertainment Park, Ascension Cathedral, Presidential Palace and Park, Republic Square, Almaty Underground (Metro)
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Day 2

Visit to Kolsai National Park

Kolsai national park - walking to see the beauty of mountain lakes and virgin nature. Overnight in Kolsai guesthouse.
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Day 3

Visit to Charyn Canyon, return to Almaty, night train to Taraz

Charyn Canyon whole day tour. On this day, you drive south-east to explore the gigantic canyon with spectacular walls and plateaus. Return to Almaty to take the night train to Taraz. Overnight in train.
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Day 4

Excursion in Taraz

History Museum, Karakhan and Dautbek Mausoleum, Tekturmas Historical Complex. Aisha-Bibi tomb, Babaya-Hatum tomb, Karakhan tomb, Kali Yunus Bath.
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Day 5

Visit to Aksu Canyon and Aksu-Zhabagly reserve

Aksu Canyon and Aksu-Zhabagly reserve, hiking there, going down the canyon. Whole day program there. Overnight in a guest-house at the Reserve.
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Day 6

Drive to Otrar, excursions, drive to Turkestan, excursions, o/n Turkestan

Otrar - sightseeing at Arystan-Bab Mausoleum (teacher and spiritual mentor of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi), archaeological site of the ancient settlement of Otrar. In Turkestan - sightseeing at "Azret-Sultan" historical and architectural complex, Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi (Necropolis, a fragment of the fortress wall, citadel with gates, Hammam, Hilvet underground mosque).
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Day 7

Excursion in Turkestan, transfer to Tashkent

Enjoy viewing Khoja Ahmed Yasawi tomb early in the morning. Visiting Sauran archaeological site with remnants of ancient fortress, wells and fireplaces. Drive to border with Uzbekistan, transfer to Tashkent. Free time and rest.
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Day 8

City tour of Tashkent, evening flight to Urgench/Khiva

Day tour in Tashkent, a city with two thousand years of history. You visit the old part of Tashkent and its medieval Kafal Shashi Mausoleum and Barak-khan Madrassa. You take a quick overlook of the modern city's most spectacular buildings, the complex of Oliy Majlis, People's Friendship Palace etc. Then you attend the Museum of Applied Arts. In the evening, flight to Urgench, transfer to Khiva.

Visits to: Museum of Amir Timur (Tamerlane), Hazrat Imam (Hast Imam) Complex, Museum of Applied Art, Museum of History of Uzbekistan, Chorsu Bazaar, Istiklol Palace (former Palace of Peoples' Friendship), Tashkent Metro, Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater named after Alisher Navoi
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Day 9

Excursions in Khiva

All day for tour in Khiva. Visit Ichan Kala, the inner fortress, Muhammad Aminkhan Madrassah and its minaret, Kunya Ark and Juma mosque with 218 wooden pillars, the Harem of Khiva Khans, mausoleum of Pakhlavan Makhmud, a famous ancient wrestler and poet who patronized Khiva. Also, you will see Islam Khodja complex with a chance to climb up the 45m minaret and enjoy a breathtaking view of the evening Khiva at sunset from the top.

Visits to: Djuma Mosque, Madrasah of Matniyaz Divan-Beghi, Anush Khah's Bathhouses, Hazarasp, Minaret of Djuma Mosque, Ichan-Qala, Tash Hauli Palace, Necropolis of Khiva Khans, Chadra Hauli, Pahlavan Mahmud Necropolis, Madrasah of Kutlug-Murad-Inak and Abdullah-Khan, Kunya-Ark of Kurinysh-Khan, Tash Hauli Harem, Islam Khodja Ensemble, Madrasah of Khurdjum and Allakuli-Khan, Old City, Mausoleum of Seyid Ala Ad-Din, Muhammad Amin-Khan Madrasah and Kalta-Minor, Complex of Seyid-Biy and Palvan-Kari Minaret, Madrasah of Muhammad Rahim Khan, Madrasah of Arab-Khan and Muhammad-Amin-Inak, Ak Mosque
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Day 10

Visits to Ayaz-Qala, Toprak Qala and Kyzyl Qala

You are taken to see ancient Khorezmian clay fortresses Tuprak-kala and Ayaz-kala dating back to the 2nd century AD. If lucky, you may still find in the dust archaic debris, such as pieces of ceramics, coins and arrow heads in the gloomy dark of half-buried rooms. You may have a lunch in a Yurt (nomadic tent) on the top of a hill right next to the huge clay fortress with a smaller fortification on the slopes of the hill.

Visits to: Ayaz Kala, Kyzyl Kala, Toprak Kala
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Day 11

Drive Khiva-Bukhara

You take a long drive (480 km, 6-8 hours) through the desert along the course of the Amudarya River to the pearl of ancient Central Asia, Bukhara. During the drive you will make stops to enjoy breath-taking views of the ancient Amudarya (Oxus) river. After arrival, the rest of the day is devoted to checking in the hotel and leisure.
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Day 12

City tour of Bukhara

Visit the old city, Ark fortress, Bolo Hauz mosque, Ismail Samani mausoleum, Chashma Ayub, Kalyan minaret, Trading Domes with all kinds of handicrafts, where carpets and jewelry are sold. You take pleasure of a lunch arranged in the comfortable setting of a private house in the old part of Bukhara. After lunch, you visit Maggoki Attori mosque, Lyabi Hauz square, Kukeldash Madrassah, Nadir Divan Begi Madrassah, and the Indian style Chor Minor of 19th century. Also you see Chor-Bakr Complex, Summer Residence of Bukhara Emirs (Sittorai Mokhi Khasa), Baha Ad-Din Naqshband Necropolis, Art gallery and Sale Exhibition of the Bukhara Gold Embroidery Factory (optional).

Visits to: Kalyan Minaret, Ulugbek Madrasah, Bukhara city, Miri-Arab Madrasah, Chashma-Ayub, Magoki-Attari Mosque, Madrasah of Abdulaziz Khan, Ark Fortress, Ancient Bukhara, Lyabi-Hauz Complex, Gijduvani Memorial Complex, Chor Minor, Mausoleum of Sheikh Boharzi, Kukeldash Madrasah, Fayzabad and Zainuddin, Trading Domes, Mausoleum of the Samanids, Bolo-Hauz Mosque, Khanaka and Madrasah of Nadir Divan-Beghi, Kalyan Mosque, Zindan (Prison), Kosh-Madrasah, Namazga Mosque
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Day 13

Drive Bukhara-Shakhrisabz-Samarkand

In Shakhrisabz which is half way between Samarkand and Bukhara, you explore the remnants of the great White Palace built by Tamerlane, as well as Kok Gumbaz and Doru Saodat, where relatives and close friends of the Emperor were buried.

Visits to: Mirhamid Khanaka, Dorus Siadat, City Walls, Chubin Madrasah, Ak Saray Palace, Chorsu, Mausoleum of Shams Ad-Din Kulyal, Crypt of Amir Temur, Gumbazi Seidon, Green City, Hazret Imam Mosque, Katta Lyangar, Malik-Azhdar Mosque, Kok-Gumbaz, Koba Madrasah
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Day 14

City tour of Samarkand

Sightseeing Samarkand. Madrassah at Registan Square. Workshops in the Madrassah offer a variety of locally made handicrafts, of which musical instruments and carpets are made with exquisite taste. The artisans will tell you about Uzbek musical instruments and play charming old melodies.

Visits to: Ishrat-Khana Mausoleum, Registan Square, Mausoleum of Kusam-Ibn-Abbas, Bibi-Khanym Mosque, Madrasah and Mausoleum, Tillya-Kari Madrasah on Registan Square, Shahi-Zinda Central Group, Ulugbek Madrasah on Registan Square, Sher-Dor Madrasah, Gur-Emir Mausoleum, Shahi-Zinda Northern Group, Temurid Female Necropolis, Shahi-Zinda Southern Group, Ruhabad Mausoleum, Dahma of Shaybanids, Shahi-Zinda, Mausoleums of Abdi Clan, Khodja Akhrar Necropolis, Tuglu-Tekin And Amir-Zadeh Mausoleums, Mausoleum of Khodja Daniyar (Saint Daniel), Observatory of Ulugbek, Afrasiab Hill, Hazret-Hyzr Mosque
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Day 15

Half day tour of Samarkand, evening train to Tashkent, end of service.

Visit Guri Amir, the mausoleum of Tamerlane and some of his contemporaries. Then, explore the Observatory of Ulugbek who created an unprecedented catalogue of stars, Afrosiab Museum, city bazaar and Bibi Khanum mosque, and Shahi Zindah complex of mausoleums. In the evening, you take a train to Tashkent. Upon arrival in Tashkent, your tour is over.

Visits to: Memorial Complex of Imam Al-Bukhari
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