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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 09 Jan 2017

Zindan (Prison), Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Behind Ark citadel there is a building of medieval amir prison - 'zindan'. This high construction looks like a small fortress and today it is a museum. In the past this prison consisted of two parts. In the first part prisoners were put in cells situated in several yards. A deep hole was a place for criminals in the second part. They were lowered there with special ropes so was their food. The word 'zindan', in Persian means 'underground, darkness'. Twice a month prisoners were taken from the dungeon to Registan where amir decided who was to be killed and who to pardon.
Amir's Prison (Zindan)

Old photo of the prison
Old photo of the prison
Ancient Bukhara
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Art gallery, sale exhibition of the Bukhara Gold Embroidery Factory
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