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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 30 Nov 2022

Travel to Uzbekistan: your new destination, what to do and where to go

Uzbekistan... A state in Central Asia, that has recently emerged to the world as an independent country, having separated from the collapsing Soviet Union, but still remaining a Terra Incognita for most foreigners. The country encourages travelers with all possible landscapes and terrain types, except for sea shores: it is double land-locked in the middle of the Eurasia continent, though its in-land Aral lake is big enough to be called a sea. Peaks covered with snow, massive mountain ridges and valleys where only wild animals and birds have so far enjoyed the crystal-clear air and water, are adjacent to boundless sandy deserts. Two great rivers, Amudarya and Syrdarya, are born in the mountain valleys by melting snows and glaciers and run through parching sands, giving life to oases and fertile meadows. These virgin lands are a paradise for people who value natural beauty and want to have a break from the smoke and stress of the industrial society.

Our company has prepared a collection of tours in Uzbekistan that cover all its regions and important tourist destinations such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent, Termez, Nukus, and Fergana. All tours are divided into several categories such as by geo coverage and cities/areas to visit, number of days, topics and themes, for example, history, culture, handcrafts etc.


Tashkent is one of the biggest cities in Central Asia, the capital city of Uzbekistan, and an important economic, financial, administrative and cultural center of the country. Here all cultural events are concentrated, and most of the tourist flow arrives in the country and departs from its International Airport. See more about tours in Tashkent here.


Samarkand was the ancient capital of Maverannahr, the state built by Amir Temur. For centuries it was attracting culture and education, artisans and craftsmen from entire world. Now Samarkand is a big tourist center with dozens of marvellous historical monuments and landmarks. See more about tours in Samarkand here.


Shakhisabz is a small city in the southern part of Uzbekistan, to the south of Samarkand. It became popular as the native town of Amir Timur, the great ruler of Maverranahr, the empire that stretched from Turkey to Iran and east of Fergana Valley. In his native town Tamerlane ordered to build tremendous structures and palaces with unique architecture. Their remnants are still a bait for thousands of tourists into the region. See more about tours in Shakhrisabz.


Bukhara is a genuine pearl on the ancient Great Silk Road, with its mosques, madrassahs, towers and squares. Until now Bukhara has preserved the old spirit and unique ambience. Also, for centuries, Bukhara has been the Islamic center of Central Asia known for its Muslim scholars and Sufis, yet, the city hosted a numerous community of Christians and Jews who got along successfully with the local Islamic Authority. The Jewish synagogue in Bukhara is still one of the local attractions. More info on tours in Bukhara here.


Khiva is a small city in the region of Khorezm in Uzbekistan separated by the Kyzylkum Desert from the rest of country. It was the ancient capital of the Khorezmian Kingdom with long and glorious history. Now Khiva is a museum in the open air, a secluded area behind city walls where no people live, and only tourists are seen. See more about tours in Khiva here.

Fergana Valley

Fergana Valley is a region in Central Asia shared by three countries: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. This is a densely populated area, with predominantly rural population, and rich and colorful ethnic traditions and habits. The visitors to the Uzbek part of Fergana Valley usually visit the cities of Kokand, Fergana and Andijan, and small handcrafts oriented settlements, like Rishtan where nice glazed ceramic products are made. See more about tours in Fergana Valley and tours in Kyrgyzstan covering the Kyrgyz part of the valley.

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