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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 30 Nov 2022

Nuratau Kyzylkum Bioreserve, Farish, and Village Guesthouses

The Nuratau Kyzylkum Bioreserve was founded based on a regular 'zapovednik', a protected natural territory, to reach a balance between nature conservation and interests of local people who use the resources through such activities as timber cutting, fishing, animal breeding, and hunting. This approach has been a success, and local people, in addition to usual things they do, also get involved in tourism.

Rural guesthouses

A number of rural guesthouses emerged in the area, with the support of international tourism consultants, to provide accommodation to travellers and additional services such as horses, dunkeys, boats for fishing, etc. A group of local guides were taught to accompany tourists in one day treks to local sights, such as the Karaul Mountain Peak near the Hayat village (Habiba Guesthouse).


Various activities which can be undertaken in the Nurata region, include short and medium difficulty walking tours, hiking and trekking, horse riding to the nearby mountains, aquatic activities, wildlife and bird watching. All these activities are supported by trained local guides, some of them with good command of English.
Map of Nurata region, Uzbekistan
Map of Nuratau Region
Rural Guesthouse
Rural Guesthouse in Nuratau region
Riding a horse
Riding a horse in Nuratau

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