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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 09 Jan 2017

Djuma Mosque, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Cathedral mosque of Khiva, or Djuma-Mosque is situated in the center of Ichan-Qala on a road going from Palvan-darvaza gates to Ata-darvaza. It is an archaic mosque with flat ceilings on columns that has no analogues in Central Asia. Such construction is peculiar to ancient Arabian mosques. The present-day building was constructed in the 18th century. Light coming through three holes in the ceiling and two hundred carved wooden columns create exclusive atmosphere for praying.

Inside the Juma Mosque
Inside the Juma Mosque

Most of the columns were made of wood trunks in the 18th - 19th centuries. Others were made of ruined medieval buildings. The most ancient columns could be taken from the medieval capital of Khorezm - Kyat died in Amu Darya waters. Twenty one columns dates back to the 10th - 12th centuries and ornamented with Arabian inscriptions in Kufi. Four columns look like columns from Bagbanly Mosque with inscriptions in Naskh.

Friday Mosque columns
Friday Mosque columns

The columns of the 18th - 19th centuries are well recognized due to typical Khiva's floral-vegetative pattern. The columns are leveled by different stone 'pillows' and bases. Mihrab niche of Djuma-Mosque is roofed with ganch semi-dome decorated with floral pattern of iris and dog-rose on its sides.
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