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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 30 Nov 2022

Sentob Village

Far from the main tourist trails, on the very border of the great Kyzylkum Desert, the village of Sentob (or Cintab or Sentyab - many say this name in different ways) is located. Life here seems to have frozen, at least for many travelers who have come here. Local people since ancient times have been engaged in the most traditional types of farming - they grow melons and watermelons, and breed sheep, and also pick fruits and nuts in local mountains.

The very life of the local population is just slightly different from that inhabitants of this ancient land led a thousand years ago. Occasionally you can see modern cars, and may be cell phones are common everywhere. Cooking on open fire, harvesting, building houses of stone mined in the nearby mountains - all these works have been carried out, unchanged, by villagers for many centuries.

Nature in the Nurata district is wonderful. Far from civilization, visitors enjoy pure air, a beautiful starry sky, crystal clear streams and mountain 'sais' with rich nature around. Local people organize hiking and horseback rides to the mountains.


Near the village there is Mount Fazilamun: hundreds of years ago local tribes covered its rocky surfaces with drawings and inscriptions, a narrative about important events of that far gone era. Nearby you will find gold mines in the mountains, consisting of unexplored caves, mines and shafts which are of interest to speleologists and adventurers.

Worth seeing is the Obzhi waterfall with a height of more than 100 meters, pouring water from a mountain stream from steep cliffs and rocks. At its height there is a mountain lake with clean water, nearby - a local landmark - an ancient giant archa, whose trunk reaches over 25 meters in circle.

In just 30 kilometers north you will find the Aydarkul Lake, one of the largest water bodies in the country and Central Asia. Here you can go boating, swimming, sunbathing on the sandy beach and even fishing.

The village of Sentob itself is of some interest in terms of architecture - its houses are mostly laid out of stone in several floors, and from certain angles it resembles small villages in the Pyrenees - the remains of the fortresses of the great Roman Empire.

When visiting the village of Sentob in the Nurata district, in addition to eco-tourism, exploring the rich flora and fauna of the area, you can also take part in the preparation of traditional types of food - fried 'jiz', Uzbek bread 'non', and many other dishes.