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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 30 Nov 2022

Tourist Visa for Uzbekistan, LOI (Letter of Invitation), Visa Support

Aba Travel can assist you in getting a tourist visa for Uzbekistan based on your request. To process your Uzbek visa request, see the below information.

FAQ: How to obtain a tourist visa for Uzbekistan

What types of visas are there? Which type can be arranged by Aba Travel?

Answer: There are the following visa types for Uzbekistan:
Visa Type, Description Supported by Aba Travel
Tourist Visa
It is issued to people who are oficially coming to the country for tourist purposes, the visa term is normally 30 days. It can be single or multiple entry visa. To get a tourist visa, a visitor usually applies to a local travel company (like Aba Travel) to obtain visa support. There is a list of countries (see below) for which visa support is not needed.
Business Visa
It is issued to people who are oficially coming to the country for business purposes, the visa term can be up to 30 days. It can be single or multiple entry visa. The visa support is extended by a local business partner.
Private Visa
It is issued to people who are visiting the country to see relatives or friends. The visa support is processed by the inviting person - a resident of Uzbekistan, who will be then responsible for the stay of the visiting person, his/her accommodation and registration with the Ministry of Interior.
Diplomatic Visa
It is issued to diplomats coming to the country for official purposes.

There is no Uzbek Embassy in my country, how do I get the visa?

Answer: There are two options:

1. Get the visa in a country where Uzbek diplomatic mission is available (see List of Uzbekistan Embassies abroad). Usually, this should be a neighbouring country, or the country from where you would fly to Uzbekistan. This option is more expensive, and may not work if you don't have enough time between connection flights.

2. You can get the visa upon arrival in the Tashkent International Airport. For this, the visa support request should indicate that Visa Upon Arrival is needed.

What is visa support? How much does it cost? Is it different from visa fee?

Answer: Visa support is a service provided to foreigners by an inviting local tourist company, like Aba Travel. Aba Travel submits an application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Uzbekistan and request to issue a visa for you based on information you have provided. The application is usually processed by the Ministry within one week from the submission date. The Ministry verifies the application and issues a special Telex Number and Issue Date Form.

Example of real Visa Telex Form

These two pieces of information are required when the traveller comes to get the visa from an Uzbek Embassy, or arrives in the Tashkent Airport to obtain the visa upon arrival.

Usually, Aba Travel would send you a copy of the visa application form containing the Telex Number and Date by email of fax.

Visa support IS NOT SOLD separately from other travel services, such as hotel rooms, transport and/or guides. Therefore, there is no cost related to visa support.

Differently, visa fee is a Government fee collected from the traveller at the moment when visa is issued at the appropriate Embassy or the Tashkent Airport at the moment you are entering into Uzbekistan. Contact us to check the cost of visa.

Can I buy just the visa support, no additional services?

Answer: No, Uzbek legislation requires that you purchase additional travel services from the inviting company, such as hotel rooms, excursions, transport etc. Particular details on what additional services you need can be discussed through communication with Aba Travel. See below why it is better to purchase hotel rooms and stay in the hotels when you travel in Uzbekistan (see Interior Registration below).

What is foreigner's registration? What agency does that?

Answer: Every foreigner must be registered by the Ministry of Interior while in Uzbekistan. Official hotels have the right to do this registration for their guests. Also, the registration can be done in the Interior offices, if you are invited by an individual (a private invitation visa, not a tourist one). Please, remember, that you CANNOT get the private registration if you have a tourist visa in your passport. This means that you cannot stay in someone's apartment, with your friends or similar if you came to Uzbekistan with a tourist visa.

When you leave Uzbekistan, the Immigration Office checks the registration for the entire period you have spent in the country. If you don't have it, you may be subject to a penalty. It is, therefore, in your interest to obtain a proper and valid hotel registration.

What is visa-free regime? What countries are eligible?

Answer: Citizens of some countries can come to Uzbekistan without a visa. These include:

Bilateral visa-free regime countries


30 days visa-free entry countries

Nationals of these countries can come to Uzbekistan without visa and stay up to 30 days. After that they must apply for visa if they wish to stay longer.
Republic of Korea

No visa-support countries

There is another group of countries, for which no visa support is needed, which means that their citizens can come directly to the Uzbek Embassy and request for a visa without having to ask for visa support from a local travel agency. A single or multiple entry visa is to be issued by the Embassy during two days, for a period of 30 days. These countries include:

1. Australia
2. Republic of Albania
3. Andorra
4. Republic of Bulgaria
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
6. Canada
7. People’s Republic of China (including Hong Kong)
8. Republic of Croatia
9. Republic of Finland
10. Hungary
11. Republic of Greece
12. Kingdom of Denmark
13. Republic of Estonia
14. Republic of India
15. Ireland
16. Iceland
17. State of Kuwait
18. Republic of Lithuania
19. Liechtenstein
20. Luxembourg
21. Republic of Macedonia
22. Republic of Malta
23. Monaco
24. Montenegro
25. Kingdom of the Netherlands
26. New Zealand
27. Kingdom of Norway
28. Sultanate of Oman
29. Republic of Portugal
30. Romania
31. Republic of San Marino
32. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
33. Republic of Serbia
34. Slovak Republic
35. Republic of Slovenia
36. Kingdom of Sweden
37. United Arab Emirates
38. United States of America
39. Vatican

The Embassy may request to show your itinerary, flight tickets or other documents, as well as submit a completed visa application form. Please, note that the simplified regime is effected at the discretion of the Uzbek Government, and may be subject to change at any moment based on the current situation. We recommend to contact us, or one of local Uzbek Embassies to check if you are eligible to such a procedure.

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