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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 16 Jun 2017

2 Stans: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
16 days, 1325 USD p/p
Countries to visit: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
Cities to visit: Tashkent, Chimkent, Almaty, Shakhrisabz, Sth Karakalpakstan, Turkestan, Taraz, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva
In this ambitious tour you will see two biggest countries of Central Asia - Kazakhstan, known for its nomadic culture and spectacular natural landscapes, and Uzbekistan - the cradle of ancient civilizations, with its world-known cities Samarkand and Bukhara.

One day tour in Almaty
1 days, 65 USD p/p
Countries to visit: Kazakhstan
Cities to visit: Almaty
In the course of this one-day tour, you will see the city of Almaty in order to get better acquainted with the South Capital of Kazakhstan. You will be offered a program that best suits your needs and budget.

The length of the tour depends on the kind of attractions you choose, and additional activities, such as lunch and dinner that may be required.

One day tour of Almaty - city excursion
1 days, 0 USD p/p
Countries to visit: Kazakhstan
Cities to visit: Almaty
In this short one-day tour our experienced and amicable tour guide will lead you around the most noteworthy sights and attractions of Almaty, the city that many call the southern capital of Kazakhstan, a major financial, economic, cultural and educational center of the country.

Almaty is located on the verge of the great Steppe, where it comes to meet the ridges of the Pamir-Alay Mountain system. The city itself is partly a steppe zone, and partly a hill-mountain area.

Almaty has plenty of visitable monuments, parks, museums, theaters and view grounds. During the excursion, you will be allowed to take best photos from the most favorable points, reach the sights without difficulty of traffic jams, and plan your itinerary so that nothing is left uncovered. Almaty is famous for its luxurious shopping centers, trendy restaurants, bars and discos. If requested, our specialists will recommend which venues would better suit your needs and desires.