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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 30 Nov 2022

Travel to Kyrgyzstan: what to see and where to go

Kyrgyzstan is a newly independent Central Asian country with very peculiar culture and traditions. The country is mainly a rough mountain landscape, with alpine meadows and snow-covered peaks. Local tourism opportunities include visiting historical cities and landmarks, such as Osh, Karakol, and organizing treks and onfoot expeditions along mountain rivers and valleys. A true gem of Kyrgyzstan is its lake Issyk Kul, a mountain resort and one of the largest water bodies in the world.


Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, represents a great tourist hub to start a journey around the northern part of Kyrhyzstan, including such destinations as the Issyk Kul Lake with its coastline resorts and camps, and Karakol. From Bishkek, you would also have a transport, such as airlines or automobile, to other Kyrgyzstan destinations, for example, Osh, Jetti Oguz and others. See more about tours in Bishkek here.


Osh is often considered as the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan, which is often described as something different in terms of experiences and lifestyles than its northern part. Osh is located in the Kyrgyz part of Fergana Valley, rather close to the Uzbek border, and can be toured within same itineraries as the Uzbek part of the valley. See more about tours in Osh here.

Issyk Kul Lake

The Issyk Kul Lake is one of the biggest water bodies in Central Asia, and the world's second saline lake after the Caspian Sea. Along its picturesque mountain shores there are numerous resorts, small hotels and motels offering lodging and aquatic services plus treks in the hills. See more about tours around the Issyk Kul Lake here.

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