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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 10 Jan 2017

Madrasah of Kutlug-Murad-Inak and Abdullah-Khan, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Madrasah of Kutlug-Murad-inak is located opposite to Madrasah of Allakuli-khan. Kutlug-Murad-inak was uncle of Allakuli-khan. He was buried in this madrasah. As he died outside the city and customs prohibited to carry the dead through Ichan-Qala's gates or wall, the city wall was broken to bury him.

Madrasah of Kutlug-Murad-Inak and Abdullah-Khan
Madrasah of Kutlug-Murad-Inak and Abdullah-Khan

Madrasah of Kutlug-Murad-inak was the first two-storey madrasah in Khiva. Only this monument in Khiva is decorated with relief unglazed terracotta. Madrasah of Abdullah-khan is situated to the south of Kutlug-Murad-inak Madrasah. It was built by Kutlug-Murad's wife in honour of their 17-year son Abdullah killed in Turkmenia in 1855.
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