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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 21 Dec 2022

Travel Guide for Uzbekistan


Read about various important things you deal with when arriving in Uzbekistan for a trip, or leaving the country when your trip is over. These include visas, customs, police registration, what can be brought into the country, and what you can take out, what permissions and documents are needed. more on arrivals/departures

Communications in Uzbekistan

When you arrive in Uzbekistan, the matter of communication with your home, members of your group or family, your travel agent or guides is quite important. Read what you need to know to reduce your costs, as well as what Aba Travel offers to make your trip more convenient. Read more about communication in Uzbekistan

Currency, payments, exchange

One of the most frequent questions a traveller asks is what currency to bring in the country, how local/foreign currencies can be exchanged, where credit cards can be used and cash received, how to deal with banks, and other important financial issues. more on currencies, payments and foreign exchange

Travel discounts

Read this section to have a clear idea what discounts can be used while planning and preparing your tour, and how money can be saved when you have already arrived in the country and are doing the tour. It is recommended to take advice of your travel agent/specialist to better use the available discounts. more on travel discounts

Excursions and tour guides

On this page we provide recommendations on how to arrange your day-to-day activities, such as excursions, visting museums and monuments in Uzbekistan in a better way. See how to interact with and what to expect from your tour guides and drivers. more about excursions

Food and drinks

Recommendations about what, where and how you can eat and drink in Uzbekistan, to feel good all around the country during your trip. See about specificity of Uzbek food, how to combine various ingredients and meals, what products, food/drink types and cuisines can be found locally. more on food and beverages


Learn more about Uzbeks, their lifestyles and habits and the general attitudes in the society. Be sure you know how to get along with locals to avoid misunderstanding or conflicts. See how to dress in different parts of the country, how women should dress and behave. more on etiquette

Health precautions and medical system

Want to travel safely in Uzbekistan? Read a brief section devoted to health precautions, general medical care system in Uzbekistan, how pharmacies operate and what medicines can be found there, general hygiene considerations and some reference to major clinics. more about medical aid


Uzbekistan is a safe country with amazingly low crime rate. You may need to know the local rules to feel safe and calm while in the country. Naturally, most of the matters you may encounter will be handled by Aba Travel as your agent and/or your tour guides/drivers. more about security

Budget saving

See how to organize your travel to Uzbekistan in a safe and pleasant way: what season to choose and what seasons there are in the region; how to find the best airfare to fly into the countries of Central Asia, and what principles to use when you are deciding on the tour: scope, budget, convenience, etc. more on travel budget reduction

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