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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 30 Nov 2022

Uzbek Cuisine

While designing a tour to Uzbekistan and Central Asia, it is strongly advisable to have an idea what you will eat and drink during the trip. See Uzbek dishes below to have an idea. Uzbek dishes differ in appearance, fragrance and flavor. Some of them are prepared on the everyday basis, others are seasonal, some are cooked more rarely, depending on the seasonal availability of ingredients or to celebrate certain special occasions. This page is meant for those whose occupation is to cook or anybody who likes to prepare food or wants to know more about the charm of Uzbek cuisine. The receipts below are supposed to give you an idea about what Uzbek traditional dishes are, so that you are prepared to order them when in the country.
Uzbek Shashlyk from
Uzbek Shashlyk from

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Uzbek "Achik-Chuchuk" - Tomatos, Onions and Cucumbers Saland
Uzbek "Anor Va Piyoz Salati" - Pomegranates And Onions Salad
Nukhot Shurva - Pea Soup with Meat
Kainatma Shurva - Meat and Vegetable Soup
Ivitma Palov - Pilau With Soaked Rice And Peas
Barra Kabob - Lamb Shashlik
Uzbek Manti - Big Steamed Meat Dumplings
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