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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 30 Nov 2022

Ivitma Palov - Pilau With Soaked Rice And Peas

1 kg rice, 200 g peas, 300 g meat, 250 g fat (or vegetable oil), 400 g carrots, 2 onions, salt and spices (zira, barberries, ground pepper) to taste. Wash sorted rice several times and soak in warm salt water for 2 hours. Washed peas (nukhot) are soaked in cold water for 10-12 hours before preparing the pilau. When the rice and peas swell, proceed to prepare the pilau: slice the onions in rings, cut the carrots in cubes (1x1x1 cm), and chop the meat into 150-200 g chunks. Heat the fat in a cauldron with a spherical bottom, place the meat in and brown off. Then add the onion rings, mix them all the time, and braise on low heat. As soon as the onions begin to change color, plunge the carrots and soaked peas in. Pour water so as to be on the same level with the contents of the saucepan and simmer for about one hour till the peas become tender. Season with salt and spice. Pour off the water in which the rice is soaking. Strew the rice over the carrots in even layers. As the rice took up a certain amount of water while soaking, pour in less water than is necessary for preparing the Ferghana pilau. Raise the heat to a heavy fire and stew fiercely. From time to time turn the layer of rice over with a skimmer, making sure not to blend the rice with the carrots. When all the moisture passes off and the rice is done, pile it in the middle of the cauldron, remove the heat and close with a basin to stew well for 20-25 minutes. When done, mix the contents, dislodge the meat. Heap on a platter and serve with chunks of meat on top.
Ivitma Palov - Pilau  With Soaked Rice And Peas
Ivitma Palov - Pilau With Soaked Rice And Peas

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