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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 30 Nov 2022

Payments and Refunds

Below payment requirements, modalities, guarantees, and refund policies applicable to clients of Aba Travel Uzbekistan Tour Operator are described. In pursuing this policy, Aba Travel Uzbekistan follows the general guidelines of the parent Aba.Travel company.

Advance Payment

In order for Aba Travel Uzbekistan to successfully implement a tour, an advance payment must be made to us well before the tour is to commence. The funds will be used to prepare the tour as needed: obtain visa documentation, book hotel rooms, purchase local or international air tickets, reserve transportation and guides services, etc.

An invoice is usually sent to the Client by Aba Travel Uzbekistan well in advance so that the advance payment can be received by the agency at least one month before the commencement of the tour. After that moment, the booked tour or travel-related services can be cancelled as described on the Cancellations page.

Payment Modalities

For the convenience of the Clients, Aba Travel offers several ways to make a payment:
  • Bank Account in US dollars or Euro
  • Credit card in US dollars (Visa)
  • Money Transfer systems (for small amounts where wire transfer is too expensive)
  • Using electronic payment systems like Paypal, Qiwi etc.

The best suitable payment modality is chosen via negotiations with the Client at the stage of tour preparation.


If, for whatever reason, a tour or travel service was cancelled by the Client or Aba Travel, the Cancellation procedure comes into force. In this case, the amount of advance payment, in full or in part, must be returned to the Client. The refund amount and modality are discussed via communication with the Client.

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