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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 30 Nov 2022

Cars at the gas station. 1934. Chirchikstroy. Fedorov

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Uzbek Photography, 125 anniversary
Caravan in the winter city. 1930. Samarkand
At the exhibition of agricultural machines. 1929. Samarkand
City street. 1928. Samarkand. I. Panov.
Hamro Muminova. 1938. Tashkent. Kotlyarevsky
School break. 1938. Fergana. Dubinsky
Children and masters of the art. 1937. Bagdasarov
The Khalikovs
Footwear sellers. 1925. Kashadarya
Marketplace. Samarkand
Leather processing. 1930. Samarkand. P. Kildyushev
Rural Landscape
Ritual of circumcision in Bukhara Jewish community. Tashkent. M. Penson
Dervish's lunch. 1930. Samarkand. P. Kildyushev
Voskresensky bazzar. 1928. Tashkent. I.Panov
In a chaikhana. 1926. Samarkand. P. Kildyushev
Near Registan. 1930. Samarkand. I. Panov
Young woman in a traditional costume. 1924.
The Girl. 1928, Samarkand
Listening to the radio
In a chaikhana. 1930. Samarkand. P. Kildyushev
At the bazaar. 1927. Samarkand. P. Kildyushev
Ruins of Rabati-Malik caravanserai. 1927. P. Kildyushev
Carpet making
Water tower at a hydroelectric power station. 1930s. Tashkent region. M. Penson
Builders of hydroelectric power station at the hostel. 1936. Chirchikstroy. Fedorov
A Tashkent tram. 1928. Tashkent. M. Penson
The new bridge at the Zah-Aryk. 1937. Chirchikstroy. Fedorov
The Siab River. 1930. Samarkand. P. Kildiyushev
At the bazaar. M. Penson
At the car of "Pravda Vostoka" newspapaper. 1931. Tashkent. M. Penson
In a chaikhana, 1926. Near Samarkand. P. Kildyushev
The roofed bazaar. 1926. Margilan
Acquaintance with new technologies. 1929. Tashkent. M. Penson
Jugs are ready for sale. H. Divanov
Saxaul Woods
Foundry at the Textile Manufacturing Plant. 1936. Tashkent
In the Golodny Steppe
Yurts' frames manufacturing. 1928. Samarkand
In the car. 1929. Bukhara
The roofed bazaar. 1928. Bukhara
The bridge at the Shah-Abad-Yabe. 1029s. Khorezm
The Chirchik river near Gazalkent. 1935. Chirchikstroy. Fedorov.
Pool in the Sotsgorod.1936. Chirchikstroy. Fedorov.
The bridge at Urda. 1920. Tashkent.
Motorcade. 1933. Chirchikstroy. Fedorov.
Arabas. 1928. Kokand. I. Panov
Autumn fire. 1930s. M. Penson.
A new street. 1937. Chirchikstroy. Fedorov.
Construction of the railway warehouse. 1934. Chirchikstroy. Fedorov.
End of a working day. Fergana channel. 1939. M. Penson
Delegates of the Women's Congress. 1938. Karakalpakstan
Construction of the Grand Fergana Channel. 1939
In a Chaikhana. M. Penson
Pottery shops. H. Divanov