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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 30 Nov 2022


Phones, Fax, Internet

The once-antiquated phone system in Uzbekistan has rapidly been brought up to date, with satellite and digital lines and direct dialing worldwide. Three major cellular (>???) companies are present on the market. All of them offer decent rates for mobile Internet too.

International calls, faxes and Internet services are offered at hotels. However, they are often considered as too expensive by travelers. It is recommended to seek your guide's advice on how to make use of local Internet access at hotels.

Television and Radio

Uzbek TV is represented by multiple channels. There are several channels that broadcast in English, being mainly oriented on foreigners.

Also, Russian TV channels are available through satellite dishes and local TV networks. Western channels are available via Sat dishes, including CNN, BBC, Sports, Music, etc.

The number of radio stations is rapidly increasing, with more than a dozen local FM stations, of which several are nationwide. The broadcasting is in Uzbek and Russian.

Newspapers and Magazines

In addition to Uzbek language and Russian language press, there is a number of English-language newspapers and magazines published in the country, they are available in major hotels.

Also, foreign newspapers and magazines can be bought at slightly inflated prices from the major hotels or at specialized kiosks.


In order for you to send postcards from Uzbekistan to your friends, you will need to stick stamps which are sold at post offices to your envelope/postcard and put it into a mailbox in the post offices or at the reception of your hotel.


Like in other former SU countries, addresses are given in reverse order: index/zip code, city, street name, house number, apartment number and name of person.

Courier Services

In Uzbekistan there is a dozen of courier companies. Some of them are listed in the Directory below.
Zipcode: 100060
Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Said Baraka Str, 16b
Tel.: +998 71 1205525; 2815529 Fax: 1205507
Zipcode: 100115
Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Chilonzor, Arnasay Str. 28/1
Tel.: +998 71 2503322; 2711162; 2711167
Fax: +998 71 2711163

Electrical Appliances

The current is 220V, 50 Hz, AC two pin plugs. Sockets in some of the old buildings do not take modern European plugs which have slightly thicker pins. To deal with this, adaptors are widely available locally.

With American appliances you will need a 220:110 current adaptor which is a little more difficult to find.

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