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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 19 Apr 2018

Bagizagan Wine Factory/Cellar, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

map for Bagizagan Wine Factory/Cellar, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
The ancient city of Samarkand is full of secrets and legends, keeping memories of the ancestors: merchants and scientists, soldiers and artisans.

Over centuries, the city witnessed turbulent historical events. Its favorable geographical position, at crossroads of the Great Silk Road favored the development of trade, and therefore new cultures. The history of wine in this region began in the 3rd century. Lush land, mild climate and abundance of natural sources contributed to the development of winemaking. For over 100 years the valley of the Zarafshan River was a home to five generations of winemakers grow vineyards at Bagizagan farm who worked with love and professionalism. As years passed, in 1964, a wine facility was established at the Samarkand winery; in 30 years, in 1994, the Bagizagan Winery was formed. Despite the flow of time, a reverent attitude and care towards each grape vine have not changed. Each grape variety is treated with an individual approach, from planting seedlings to harvesting, with a respect to the traditional style. The best wines are red blended wines from Saperavi and Kabernet grape varieties, and white wines made from the Rkatsiteli grape variety. In 2000, having realized that the land has unique properties, the wine specialists decided to introduce grape varieties Merlot and Chardonnay from France. This was a risky decision,yet the results seen after nine years have exceeded all expectations. An excellent crop was harvested.

In the farm Bagizagan, the land itself adds a mysterious unique taste to the grapes, enveloped in secrets, legends and traditions of this land. In 1994, the small wine farm was reorganized into the Bagizagan Winery, which became a member of the Uzplodoovoshchinprom Association, formed on the basis of a pre-existing concern.

The development of viticulture in this village benefits from natural conditions. The proximity of the Zeravshan River and the natural influence of mountains create a unique warm temperate-continental climate. A mild winter with frequent thaws, a large number of sunny days in a year and a balanced average air temperature, even in the middle of summer does not exceed 25 degrees Celsium, thus benefitting timely and full maturation of grapes. The plantations of Bagizagan successfully cultivate classic grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, Bayan Shirei, Rkatsiteli, Kuldzhinsky and several others. An indisputable advantage of the production process at Bagizagan is its closed cycle. The ripe grapes are carefully collected on their own lands and processed as quickly as possible into the highest quality wine material, from which our wines are produced. The plant has up-to-date equipment from the world's leading suppliers which became possible due to the technological modernization carried out in 2015. Today, the plant's production facilities produce up to 500,000 bottles of alcoholic beverages monthly. The production capacity of the enterprise is impressive with its diversity. Our factory produces alcoholic beverages varying in strength, but of course, the main focus is made on quality wines. Blended wines are made from a harmonious combination of varieties, resulting in a well-deserved recognition and love of consumers. Monosort wines are distinguished by impeccable clarity of taste and individual notes in the bouquet. A special pride the plant takes in wine drinks. Unique personality and guaranteed quality are their integral components. In general, the natural character of drinks is another important advantage of the products. Our vermouths, made from wines with the addition of natural mountain herbs and spices (wormwood, sweet clover, thyme, coriander, etc.), unlike many similar drinks, do not contain artificial ingredients. Herbs and spices are grown in an area of ​​the Caucasian Mineral Waters and are collected specially for our vermouths for several decades. In addition to the classical vermouth, we created light vermouths (with low content of alcohol and sugar), and vermouths with mint and pepper, which are great for special occasions. The main activity of Bagizagan Plant is the production of over 20 wine titles and alcoholic beverages, cognac and brandy.

Having received the official status of an experimental production in the remote 1961, Bagizagan plant still remains one of the leaders in wine industry in Uzbekistan.


Natural dry white grape wine Bagizagan Rkatsiteli This is an excellent wine from the Rkatsiteli grapes from the vineyards in the village of Bagizagan in the foothills near the Zeravshan River. This area has a special geographical location. The wine boasts a light straw color and fruity and spicy bouquet, with expressed taste and unique refreshing aftertaste. Natural dry red grape wine Bagizagan

Uzbek red dry wine Bagizagan is a seductive wine, a blend of red varieties. It generously demonstrates a bouquet with tender notes of vanilla and wildflowers of berries and quince. The harmony of its taste attracts the multifaceted shades of ripe fruit, elegantly outlined by silk tannins closely interweaved with the nuances of ripe figs. Natural dry red grape wine Baghizagan

The wine Bagizagan enjoys great popularity both among wine lovers and among professional tasters. Its lush flavor and aromatic bouquet is able to satisfy everyone's desires. Grape variety: 80% Saperavi 20% Isabella Special red dessert wine Kagor Bagizagan

Bagizagan thick dark red wine with a pomegranate tinge. The taste and aroma of cahors has the notes of black currant, dried fruits, and spices. White natural grape wine Bagizagan

Grape variety: 50% Riesling, 30% Bayan Shirey, 20% Kuldzhinsky

The wine has a light straw color. Aroma is rich, with notes of spring flowers, pears and green apple. The taste is harmoniously thin, with a long aftertaste. Natural red dry grape wine Baghizagan

This red dry wine is a seduction, a blend of red varieties; in its bouquet you find gentle notes of violet and vanilla. The harmony of its taste boasts multifaceted shades of ripe black fruit. The combination of the three varieties provides the wine with its originality and harmony. Variety of grapes: 50% Cabernet, 30% Isabella, 20% Tavkveri. Bitter tincture Chacha Bagizagan

The excellent grape tincture Baghizagan Chacha has a unique masculine taste and a wonderful aroma, being produced in accordance with an old recipe.             Cognac aged Baghizagan Samarkand

Cognac BAGIZAGAN is aged in barrels made of oak 80-100 years old. Ingredients: brandy spirit, ecologically pure spring water.
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