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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 17 Jun 2017

Baiterek Monument, Astana, Kazakhstan

To commemorate the transfer of the capital of Kazakhstan from Almaty to Astana (former names: Tselinograd, Akmola) a monument "Baiterek" was erected in the city: a huge tower 97 meters high, crowned with a huge golden sphere 22 m in diameter. This monument carries many symbols that are inherent in the ancient culture of nomads who lived in the Kazakh steppes. Baiterek (a poplar), the Tree of Life, which supports the Earth with its roots, and its crown rests in the heavens. The golden ball is a symbol of the Sun, which is laid by the sacred bird Samruk in the form of an egg.

Baiterek Tower at Nurjol Blvd
Baiterek Tower at Nurjol Blvd

The Baiterek Monument dominates the left bank of the Ishim River, on which the modern part of the city is located. Here an active construction is underway, the city acquires the look and feel of a modern metropolis, with high-rise buildings, skyscrapers, luxury hotels and business centers.

Golden Sphere of the Baiterek
Golden Sphere of the Baiterek

Inside the Baiterek Tower, sightseeing tours are offered with experienced guides telling you about the history of the city and the monument itself. From the observation platforms you will enjoy wonderful views of Astana. In the center of the Golden Ball you will see a hand imprint of the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N. Nazarbayev. This symbolizes the concept of "caring hands" building the future of the country.

Night View
Night View

The Baiterek monument is located on the Nurzhol boulevard, a pedestrian zone with many fountains, alleys, flower beds and lawns that leads from the presidential palace Ak-Orda to the Khan-Shatyr shopping and entertainment center.
Khan Shatyr (The King Tent)