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Destination: Uzbekistan
Last updated: 30 Nov 2022

Uzbek Knives

A peculiar branch of artistic metal working in Uzbekistan is that of makingknives with a pointed blade, usually kept in leather sheaths ornamentedwith metal plates, embroidery, applique, and paintings. These knives,called guldor pichok, are nicely ornamented knives varying in shape.The blades have local peculiarities: they may be narrow or wide,straight-lined or curved. Their hafts also differ, varying from one-pieceto composite, wooden or ivory, inlaid or painted.
Uzbek Handmade Knives
Uzbek Handmade Knives

Various Shapes, Blades and Handles
Various Shapes, Blades and Handles

Polished Blades with Engravings
Polished Blades with Engravings

Decorated Blades
Decorated Blades

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